Wednesday's Child--Phyllis Lee Baker

So, Geneabloggers has themes for each day of the week. As it is Wednesday, they have a few options for posts. When I saw Wednesday's Child however, I instantly thought of a little girl in my family named Phyllis.

Phyllis was a special little girl. She was diagnosed with leukemia, which would eventually take her life. She was only 4 years old.

Phyllis is in the pink on the left, with her sisters Grace (middle) and Judy (right)

I can't imagine having to spend time with my child in the hospital as she's dying from a disease that medical science can't cure even now--let alone then. But just look at her. She's smiling and playing with other children like the little heroine she is.

She lived more of her life in 4 years she had here on earth than many of us do with much more time.