Those Places Thursday--The Hilltop House

As I mentioned on Twitter, my marriage preparations are taking up a lot of my time and attention. Most of what I have to do for now is all organizational--with some occasional success, which means it's 1) necessary, 2) unexciting, and 3) time-consuming. But as I cycle through the many preparations still to go, our itty bitty budget just didn't seem like it could include one more thing--especially not a honeymoon.

Then I started thinking like a genealogist.

Going to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia is one of the few family traditions we have. My grandmother used to take my mother and the bunch to the Hilltop House, and my mother has done the same with us more than once. That was some of the best food I have in my memory.

The view from the Hilltop House grounds. I use to swing on these  as a kid

Then it hit me.

Why don't we do our honeymoon in Harper's Ferry? What better way to get a nice little getaway, and continue one of our only family traditions at the same time?

We can't stay at the Hilltop House because it is out of commission indefinitely, but there are plenty of other places to stay there close.

I'm excited!