Obituary--Pearl May Bartlett

Obituary for Pearl May Bartlett Doyle
Published in the Cecil Whig, October 19,1966

Those who follow along on Twitter know that I just got married. This means that my life has been in total disarray for almost a month as I've been unpacking. But unpacking has been really exciting on some fronts--seeing things I forgot I had and now have the space and freedom to take out. And for my husband and I--both genealogy nerds--it has been a time of discovery and organization for all of our records.

I found this obituary shoved inside of a book inside of a box, which I'm pretty sure had been inside of another box every since I originally made the copy. It was an important find too. Even though I already have all of this information gathered and written into my family tree, I have one more piece of information I need to find a death date for Glenn E. Doyle. I've never found one, but at least now I know that as of October of 1966, he was still alive.

Sometimes the step in the right direction happen in the most unexpected ways. But getting organized is always key.