I was going to use this video as an example of how great it is to record family stories. Which is good. Definitely do it. Look how awesome they turn out.

But then I thought:

You know what this video is?

This is the example of that person--we all have seen it!--where they have an entire tree of information, a site, a book, an entire history written up, what have you...

And it's all WRONG. False. Made up. They didn't just stretch the truth, they pulled it apart on a molecular level. SPLIT AN ATOM.

Or they tell some unsubstantiated, wild story--and the only thing more crazy than the story is the fact that you believed it.

(We've all done it. Don't be ashamed.)

So be careful. You can't believe something just because some fool put it on their tree in, or wrote it up and put it on Geocities a million years ago. Because for all you know, this crazy lady could have been the one who wrote it up.

Some stories you just gotta take with a grain of salt. Maybe more.