TARDIS Tuesday--The End

Genealogy is kind of like time travel--trying to make sense out of life through the lens of past experience. But what would it be like if we really were able to use a time machine to go anywhere in the world, at any time period?

On the show Doctor Who, which I adore, The Doctor has just that opportunity. With his time machine called the TARDIS, he travels throughout space and time. But as a genealogist, how would it be to have access to anyone, anywhere in time? Where would you go? Who would you want to meet?

This is going to be an ongoing theme for me on Tuesdays now. And because I do watch Doctor Who and I've seen him take more than one companion to the ends of the Universe, it occurred to me that I would do just that.

If I could take a ride in the TARDIS, I would want to meet my last descendant at the end of his or her life. I would be too curious NOT to know about how far my genes go into the future. Where does my life drop off, with whom, when, and why?

Some people would find it too sad to see their last descendant, too much like watching yourself die. But I have always believed that you can't really judge a person until you reach the end of the story. The ending, in many ways, is the most important part. If I could, I would want to see what my life amounts to in the end.

Let's hope it's not anywhere near Lake Silencio. I always said everything goes to Utah to die, even the Doctor.