Mother and Daughter

If your research takes you to Nova Scotia, Canada--especially if you're looking for records from Halifax, you NEED to be familiar with Their collections are free to view, and the information they have has helped me to fill in an additional three generations that I didn't have before.

Their collection of online death certificates is impressive. Included among those records are Ethel May Pinheiro and her mother Rose.

Ethel May Pinheiro Ince--Death certificate

Rose D. Pinheiro--Death Certificate

They both were buried in Camp Hill Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I've attempted to find their information in the indexes for this cemetery online, but I haven't found them. The compilers of that index say, however, that their indexes are incomplete and anyone with new information should contact them. I'll start with and track down the other indexes as I have time.

Image courtesy of Google Maps

Upon investigating Rose's information, I not only discovered that Grenada is an island just north of South America, but that her father's last name may or may not be spelled incorrectly. A brief look into FamilySearch revealed that Delless and some alternative spellings of it do not appear. But the name Dallas is present and relatively common. I've made a note of the spelling variants for my own research.

Sadly, many of my ancestors from these island nations appear to go cold with the information I have. From what I've been able to gather, FamilySearch is the best resource to view the records from the Caribbean. There are a few other resources that I haven't figured out how to access or use as of yet, but my experience level as of right now has taken me as far as I can go.

In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be focusing on gathering history from the last living members of my mother's family. The best thing I can do for this exotic foreign research is to table it for now. When I return to it, I should be able to give it new attention with fresh eyes and new questions. Hopefully that'll be enough to discover the next steps, if any, I can take to go further back in my grandmother's history.