As I continue to make my way backwards in the records for the Pinheiro family, Judith Fingard's article has given me some needed confirmation for Charles' Pinheiro's wife, Rose. If you'll look back to her death certificate, you'll notice that her parents are listed as John Delless from Grenada and Hannah Quinn from Nova Scotia. But it wasn't until I found Fingard's article that I was able to do anything with that information.

Augustus Dallas on the 1871 Canadian census for Halifax, Nova Scotia

The citation in her article pointed me to this census image from 1871, where Rose appears with her parents, Augustus Dallas and Hannah Dallas. I had suspected that Delless was a misspelling of the name Dallas. It was nice to see my instincts confirmed on that.

Fingard mentioned that Rose has a step-father and a step-sister named Catherine. Based on these images, I'm not sure when or how this information comes into the picture. So I decided to do some digging.

Hannah Dallas on the 1871 Canadian census for Halifax, Nova Scotia

On the 1881 Canadian Census for Halifax, Hannah appears with her two children Rose and Augustus. William was already old enough to have left home. But their father is visibly absent, and returns for the next census. His absence was likely related to his job, seeing as he was a seaman.

Augustus Dallas on the 1891 Canadian census for Halifax, Nova Scotia

By 1891, Augustus Sr. and Hannah appear alone on the census. So the question of where Rose's step-father and step-siblings come from would have to come from somewhere else. Fortunately, I was able to contact Judith Fingard and she'll be able to provide me with some information on these lines in the next couple of weeks. I'm surprised how much I was already able to discover without her help. She clearly knows much more than I do about Rose and her parentage.

I'm looking forward to talking to Judith in the coming weeks. Although, the questions I had when I first contacted her and the questions I have now are certainly very different. Either way, she'll still be able to fill me in with many details I do not have.

Now the only trick is waiting patiently until then...