Confirmation, Lester Edgar Ince, Sr, digital images ( : 8 Jul 2015) headstone image for Lester Edgar Ince, Sr., taken by FindaGrave volunteer Graceti.

So excited to discover that Lester Ince lived a long life! He had me worried there for a while, seeing as he up and disappears after he returned home from World War I. I had no evidence at all to support that he survived the Halifax Explosion, and was working on the theory that his was an unaccounted death.

But no! He relocated with his children to Montreal, and was buried in the same cemetery as his daughter, Muriel Ince Michaels. In fact, when I searched the Mount Royal Cemetery database for her, I recall checking at some point to see if other family members were also buried there. I came across Lester's name, but had no way of confirming who he was because only the death date was given. For all I knew, someone in the family might have named a child after him. And I refuse to make assumptions.

Once the wonderful volunteers at FindaGrave fulfilled my photo request, I had the confirmation I needed to say that was my 2x great grandfather. I'm so grateful that his age is on his headstone, because that little bit of basic math is what provides the confirmation!

Now all I need is his military service file, which is in the process of being digitized by Library and Archives Canada. Waiting for them to reach box 4688 is making me lose all kinds of diplomacy.

I won't comment on anything else until I get it. Because whatever the rest of his story is, I know it's worth the wait!